Here you would see how we were able to EXTRACT data from a website, IMPORT it into a program, CLEAN the data, ANALYZE the  data and VISUALIZE the sentiment on the customer survey.

Data Source - Online Website

SW - R, Plotly

Twitter Comments Extract & Analyze - US Presidential Debate

In the following slides,  we have pulled up the twitter comments of then 2106 US Presidential candidates Trump and Hillary and show analysis on what were most important topics they covered during the first 1st Presedential Debate.

Data Source - Twitter

SW - R, ggPlot

Collect as Data Lakes & Analytics

In the following slides you would see the architecture, procedure, process Map and technologies used where data was pulled in from various sources, Analyzed and visualization developed on that data pool. 

Data Source - Xls, CSV, Sql, SAP etc

SW - Kafka, HDFS, HIVE, R, ggPlot

The following slides show the project we had done from one of our customer who was getting bad  CE reviews from most of his customers and most of the issue were around the inconsistency in billing and delivery