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Call Center Employee Scorecard

Best Practices in Performance Measurement and Management to Maximize Efficiency and Quality.

Performance Measurement

"How to accurately award the employee from my team?. How to effectively calibrate and track performance?"

Management Point of view.

With the several years of experience I have in working as a team leader, manager and director I realized one major miss in how we calibrate at the management level and what the agent actually sees in his performance tracker.

Lets take a step back, the standard metrics agents get calibrated can they be traced. Metrics such as

  • AHT (Average handle time) does he have the capability to track this on a daily basis.

  • Calls Taken - does he track this on a daily basis and also does it tell how many are inbound calls and how many are outbound.

  • etc.....

When the management gives the agent a capability to track this on a daily basis it leaves the performance in the hands of the agent and also his direct supervisor.

Give them a dashboard to track those which matter.
Technically it is possible but are you system ready.

What is it?

Equip each of everyone of your agent with that one page summary which he would be able to open at the begin or during the day to check his performance until yesterday and is he on track to meet the target and by how much is he off. Give him a data dump on what is being tracked.

This should be one window which the agent can pull.
Keep it Simple, Informative & Measurable

What Next?

The management should be able to have the following access

  1. Device independent and location independent dashboard.

  2. One page for the process which can be drilled down to the Manager, Supervisor and to the Agent.

  3. Actionable items for what the misses are.

With the agent being able to track himself and being aligned to management goals it would not only add value to your process but also to your business. It also makes it easier to have that performance discussion with the agent as the discussion can be backed up with data.