How long have

you been in 


Do you know every transaction which is stored can be used as intelligence for prediction.

Are you responsible for Creating, Planning, Implementing, and Integrating the Strategic Direction of your Organization.

Do you own your business?

Currently how do you track -

Product / Service


Systems and Tools

What if you can,

  • Identify TRIGGERS which effects your company targets.

  • Drill down to the PERFORMANCE of a product/service to any location in your distribution store.

  • Get DATA BACKED inputs on why a product/service does well in one location and not in another.

Product (or) Service

Would it be ideal, if you could,

  • Drill down to find out which product or service is your marketing agent selling the MOST.

  • Track REAL TIME performance of your employees.

  • What are the KEY performance index's which your team is being assessed and how they relate to your company goals.


What if you have DASHBOARD,​​

  • Which shows you RELEVANT meaningful insights

  • Does PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS in way of helping you make informed decisions.

  • Which periodically IMPORTS data automatically from all other systems and databases to update the dashboard.

  • Accessible ANYWHERE anytime with mobile accessibility.


We can assist you with 


We work by analyzing data which would help your company to decipher and help view it in a language you understand

Real Time Visualizations

We not only give you insights but also stories by way of Predictive Analytics which would help you in making better decisions.

Business Intelligence

As Business intelligence consultants we analyze business intelligence, or actionable insights from internal company data, to help businesses improve efficiency and make better decisions.

PM Methodology & Framework

With PM Solutions we help you improve PMO performance with proven project management consulting and time-tested approaches that have been implemented in hundreds of organizations.



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