IDS possesses a wide range of expertise in designing and managing diverse set of databases, both traditional and unconventional which stores data related to transactional and social media applications and are used to provide regular transactional processing, data warehousing.


We provide Database Services like Database Design & Modelling, Database Development Services and Database Administration Services.

Database Modelling and Design

We possess skilled expertise in Database Modelling and Designing. We use modelling techniques like E-R Modelling, Semantic Modelling, Star Schema Design and Snowflake Schema Design

Database Optimization

Looking to the increasing size of the databases and the complexity of data, it is essential to optimize the database to the highest possible level, thereby ensuring fast and consistent application performance.

One important aspect in optimization is Data Profiling which involves assessment of data sources and values to ensure consistent, logical and unique data quality. Identification of primary keys, optimizing query performance, Database indexing and server tuning are few of the many techniques to enhance Database Optimization. We ascertain that it is an integrated part of all major phases of the project like Database Design, Development and QA

Database Programming

Database programming is an integral part of any application. We possess good experience is  programming, writing stored procedures and other database components that are required in any application development.

Database Performance Tuning

Database is an integral part of any system and the repository where the data is stored today is in terabytes. Hence it is essential that access of data from the database is utilizing optimal resources and giving the output in the desired time.

It is our constant endeavour to maximize the utilities of system resources to ensure efficient and effective output with faster speed and accuracy. It involves query tuning, designs of database files, environment setup, choosing the right DBMS and much more.

Database Migration and Upgradation

We handle Data Migration projects, which involves transferring data between databases, leading to extraction of data from one to another data source. We have a wide experience in Database Upgradation, which involves moving the database from the current version to a higher version, without any loss of data and utilizing the new features of the upgrade to the best possible extent.