• Strategic and tactical analysis across industry verticals

  • Custom reports for fast changing research scenarios

  • Superior research facilities & competent staff

Enhanced customer service, fewer manufacturing defects, superior fraud detection, and more ROI make businesses turn to analytics.

Businesses deliver results with effective use of data analytics. Researches substantiate the theory that analytics play a pivotal role in predicting future, anticipating consumer behavior, and foreseeing the emerging market trends. Manufacturers increasingly lean on advanced analytics to anticipate failing machines so that there will be a preventive mechanism to tackle the same. So is the case with successful financial firms to detect and fix frauds.

Large amount of data, organizational complexities, evolving consumer behavior are the major challenges businesses face today. Besides, new technologies, obsolescent technologies, data explosion, and digital technologies are changing consumer behavior. In these contexts, our analytics services will be of immense help to:

  • Gain insights from past data.

  • Responding to present challenges by applying insights of past data.

  • Anticipate future risks to businesses and take appropriate timely remedial measures.

Big Data Analytics

Researches indicate businesses using Big Data Analytics increases productivity and profitability rates by 50% and ROI by 1300% than those that do not use analytics. Today's channel surfing customers expect enhanced customer service, reliable product information, and education on various channels.


This is what IDS Big Data Analytics helps by:

  • Increased cross/up sell

  • Building more loyal customers

  • Enriched customer experience on products, lifecycles, and customer loyalty programs

Supply Chain Analytics

Global operating systems, increasing pressure on price, and evolving customer expectations weaken traditional supply chain systems. Recessionary economies, rising fuel costs, shrunken supplier bases act as waste creators in the supply chain. These hallenges call for data driven decisions to make decisions from insights gained from data.


IDS supply chain analytics helps you to:

  • Gauge product demand to have required stock or to avoid overstocking.

  • Measure vendor performance.

  • Provide logistics for wide markets.

  • Match supply chain ability with demand.

Be it inventory optimization, logistics & routing, finding anomalies in spend, assessing risk and gauging vendor performance supply chain analytics is promising to make supply chain cost and size effective. Supply chain analytics helps in improved forecasting and (S&OP) sales & operations planning. Businesses aspiring for bottom line results should avail our full project services.

Operational Analytics

Traditional IT management tools relied on raw data that lacked analytical capabilities in the context of today's big data operations. The purpose of operational analysis is to develop robust operational processes by using statistical analysis, mathematical models and logical reasoning methods to identify and eliminate operational inefficiencies.

Long implementation period with little actionable result characterized traditional IT management tools.

To address this gap, IDS Operational Analytics offer business analytics with data mining, predictive analysis and aggregation tools for superior performance.

Businesses of all sizes aspire for robust operational execution to be ahead in competition. Our operational analytics services helps businesses in:

  • Determining if operational assets perform in line with the goals and strategic planning.

  • Determining whether cost of production is in harmony with performance numbers.

  • Examining whether current finance/resources is enough to meet strategic goals.

  • Assessing cost effective means to meet customer requirements in line with strategic goals.

  • Getting visibility into business process.

  • Identifying risks and mitigating the same.

Retail Analytics

Social media revolution and digital marketing are revolutionizing retail businesses exponentially. Understanding consumer behavior and their preferences, what makes them arrive at purchasing decisions throws up ample opportunities for data analytics.

Our Retail Analytics Solutions enables retail businesses to:

  • Understand consumers better

  • Forecast demand

  • Offer after sales service

  • Create loyal customers

  • Compete with e-commerce companies

  • Ensure operational efficiency

Insurance Analytics

Insurance companies will be immensely benefited if there is a mechanism for managing the customer lifecycle from buying policy to maturity stage. Identifying which area will give maximum ROI if resources are allocated is the challenge insurance companies face. IDS answers this challenge through predictive modeling.

Predictive analysis apply prospect scoring considering the following:

  • Test data

  • Psychographic data

  • Survey data

  • Purchased data

  • Web log data

IDS also apply analytics to deal macro level industry challenges like regulatory norms, technology changes, competition, and consumer preferences by offering solutions like:

  • Marketing analytics

  • Sales analytics

  • Effective claims management

  • Profitability analysis

  • Risk analysis

  • Claims litigation prediction

  • Subrogation prediction

Healthcare analytics

Changing healthcare reimbursement models, emerging pay for performance model, big complex and variable data are calling for data analytics in the healthcare segment. Healthcare organizations have to handle large:

  • Biometric data

  • Human generated data

  • Internet and social media data

  • Machine to machine data

Data requires pooling and this is the area where we IDS provide healthcare data analytics in:

  • Patient profile analytics

  • Personalized medicine

  • Healthcare cost reductions

  • Social media analytics

  • TPO (Trade Promotion Optimization) analytics

  • Service analytics for medical devices

  • Fraud analytics


Healthcare data analytics is the key enabler to make informed decisions. This will create a positive impact on patient privacy, ensuring compliance, safeguarding security, and continuous improvement of tools & technologies. 

Energy and utilities analytics

Analytics helps in energy efficiency measures. Energy saved is energy generated. Here challenges come in the form of more appetite for energy, government regulations, environmental concerns, and growing demand for energy and utilities. In such a scenario, there is a requirement for insights on consumption and performance of energy and utilities. Keeping this in mind, IDS energy and utilities analytics helps in:

  • Identifying consumption drivers.

  • Analyzing customer information (new user, existing user, lapsed user etc), consumption pattern, billing schedule, and payment behavior.

  • Cutting down T&D loss.

  • Adopting technology like advanced metering, home area networks, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, and utility field applications.

  • Analyzing CRM, billing systems, customer information system, distributed generation, and demand response systems.

Understanding the above IDS offers solutions like:

  • Demand forecasting

  • Customer analytics

  • Asset derisking (brings down asset failures)

  • Upstream analytics

If energy and utility companies want to widen client base, enhance operational and cost cutting strategies, partner with IDS  for energy and utilities analytics

Manufacturing Analytics

Gain more customers through product differentiation. Manufacturing can be revolutionized through DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) framework to achieve continuous improvement.

Advanced analytics is highly effective in facilitating workflows by gauging performance, quality output of machines and those who operate the particular machine. Compliance and trace-ability are the advantages of the same.


Analytics help to analyze and fill the gaps in production activity that has a bearing in the financial show of the producer.


Manufacturing analytics helps in predictive analysis for delivery accuracy.


Analytics helps in reducing total cost of ownership to the manufacturer.


IDS offers services like:

  • Spent analytics

  • Retail channel spend analytics

  • Service analytics

  • Supply chain analytics

  • Financial analytics

  • Manufacturing analytics

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Information management

Consumer Goods Analytics

What customers will buy?
How much they are willing to pay?

Do they use online platform or they go to brick and mortar platform for buying?

These are the questions and concerns of executives in consumer goods companies. They come across with large volumes of data through social media, cloud, digital and mobile technologies which they use to gain consumer insights. In this data complex situation, consumer goods companies are increasingly leaning on analytics to arrive at strategic decisions for sales promotion and revenue generation. Analytics empower consumer goods industries to reach informed and faster decisions to build customer loyalty as well as gaining insights on which stock keeping unit (SKU) is performing and which SKU not performing. IDS consumer goods analytics solutions helps consumer goods industries in:

  • Marketing mix optimization

  • Trade promotion optimization (TPO)

  • Supply chain analytics

  • Consumer analytics

  • Profitability analytics


If consumer goods industries are focusing on better quality, enhanced operational efficiency, better ROI, and increased customer loyalty avail IDS consumer goods analytics services.